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Wiper Shaker Wiper De-icer (SKR-002)


The first effective devide to keep your windshield clear from inside your vehicle

The Shaker motor is designed to clamp on to the vehicle's existing wiper arm. When activated the motor spins a specially designed, eccentric weight causing the wiper arm to vibrate. The vibrations set up a "skip" action as the wiper arcs across the windshield which displaces any trapped ice and snow.

How to Use the Shaker:

Before starting your journey
1) Clear your windshield of ice and snow
2) Remove snow and ice from wipers
then, while driving
3) Use "Shaker" to vibrate wiper at first signs of snow/ice build up

General Information:

* Installation can be done in less than an hour.
* The Shaker comes with easy to follow installation instructions
* The Shaker will not damage or decreased the life of the wiper arm
* The shaker motors are about 1 1/4" in diameter and don't restrict visibility, so they can be left permanently installed. The motors actually improve the effectiveness of the washer system.
* Once you've cleared your windshield before you set out. You can keep it clear with the Shaker

Will the SHAKER fit the wiper arm of my car?

As long as the wiper arm/blade on your vehicle uses a hook wiper arm; does not have a spoiler mounted to it (as found on some driver’s side blades and thus must be removed or contact Wiper Shaker Technology for an appropriate spoiler adapter); uses either a 9x3mm or 9x4mm wiper arm configuration (typical of vehicles after 1991) and has the minimum clearances required, the SHAKER should be compatible.

 Specifically, you will need at least 2″ from the hood side of the wiper arm (at the wiper blade pivot point), to the leading edge of the car hood. Also, you will need at least 1 1/4″ from the topside of the wiper arm (at the wiper blade pivot point) down to the windshield.

NOTE: A small percentage of vehicles use a “recessed” or “hidden” wiper arm system. As such, the SHAKER is not compatible with such vehicles.


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Manufacturer's Part Number SKR-002
Manufacturer Wiper Shaker
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